How can I dispose of my yard waste?

Beginning July 1st, 2009, all city residents may purchase stamped bags and stickers for bundles at the Utilities Billing Office, Recreation Center front desk, and Code Office.  The stickers may be put on bundles of brush (meeting size limits) which the city will then pick up every Tuesday and Friday. To have the bags and bundles picked up, call the Department Engineering and Public Works yard waste line at 740-592-3343 to leave your pick up request, or to speak to Engineering and Public Works at (740) 593-7636. The cost for the stamped bags and stickers is $2.00 per bag or sticker for bundles. Bags must contain only organic material (this excludes feces or dead animals of any kind) and may not contain trash. Bags must also weigh under 50 pounds and must not be ripped, torn, or susceptible to breaking. Bundles must be tied with string and must be under four feet in length. Limbs of eight inches in diameter or more cannot be picked up and must be disposed of at the discretion of the resident. Calls for yard waste made after 7:30 am on a pickup date will be picked up on the next date.

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