Personal Training

The Athens Community Center offers personal training for those who want help reaching and exceeding their personal fitness goals. If you are interested in training you can purchase session at the community center front desk. Personal training appointments will be set up between the patron and the trainer.

1 session - $25.00

3 session (s) - $60.00

6 session (s) - $110.00

Current Personal Trainers

Morgan Atherton

Tri-County Career Center Sports Medicine

NASM Certified Personal Trainer    NASM Behavior Change Specialist


Phone: (740)274-0055

                    I am a Wildlife & Conservation Biology student at Ohio University. I love trees, fish, and fitness! I was diagnosed with LQTS, a chronic heart condition, when I was 13. Competitive sports and fitness education helped me to manage this condition and lead a healthier life. I want to help others meet their healthier selves, uncovering hidden strength, stability, and confidence!


     2 years of high school sports medicine technical program 

     3 years of active personal training


     Facilitate fitness and wellness independence

     Incorporate behavior change strategies 

     Develop proper exercise techniques

     Strengthen activities of daily life efficiency

Personal Policies

     “Once a Client, Always a Client”: If you are a current or past client, feel free to contact me at any time regarding questions or advice!

     No Show Policy: Failing to arrive within 15 minutes of our scheduled session, you will still be charged for my time. However, communicating anticipated tardiness will allow for a late start or rescheduled session!

     Harassment Policy: Zero tolerance of harassment of any kind

Session Opportunities

SINGLE SESSION: Client requests dictate this session. I am here for guidance and your questions!

TRIPLE SESSION: Includes physical movement assessments, behavior change strategies, and a generalized focus for each session.      

LONG TERM PROGRAM: Experience a fully immersed program tailored specifically to your needs!