Facility Policies & Rules

Weather Emergency Procedure:

If you are registered or attend any of our classes or sports at the Athens Community Center during the winter months please be advised of the following method to which these classes/sports are cancelled based on the local weather. 

We follow the level that the Athens Sheriff Department has established. You can follow them on Facebook, check their website, or download their app for the most current level. You can also always call the Community Center to find out what is cancelled at 740-592-3325.

Level 1 - All classes and sports are as scheduled.

Level 2 - If it is 2 hours prior to the start time of a class/game and Athens County is under a level 2 snow emergency then class/game is cancelled. Weight room/fitness center will remain open during a level 2. During the weekdays (Monday - Friday), if Athens County is at a level 2 at 5am then the Community Center will open at 8am. 

Level 3 - Everything is cancelled.

Take note that sometimes instructors have to cancel even if it's not a level 2 or higher. We advise you call ahead or you follow our Athens Community Center Facebook page (@AthensCommCtr) for the most current information.

All Participants must check in at the front desk prior to entering the facility. Annual and Semi-Annual pass holders will be required to check in at the front desk by typing in their number I.D. Punch card holders must stop to have card punched at the front desk. All other types of entry for programs and leagues must sign in at the front desk. 


The Athens Community Center will lock the front door 10 minutes prior to the posted closing time and no person will be admitted into the center. 


Memberships are available to all members of the public from the age of 9 and up. Annual memberships, punch cards, and daily admission are the types of passes that can be purchased.  All members will have the benefit of the fitness room, track, gymnasium, locker rooms, and lobby activities. Members will also receive discounted programs and activity rates. All programs, classes, and athletic leagues will continue to have fees to fund the instructors, equipment, and provide maintenance.

Membership Policies

    All participants must check in at the front desk prior to entering the facility.

    Each area has individual rules. Users are responsible for knowing and following all area rules. 

    Misuse of the Center’s facility or equipment may result in immediate and permanent expulsion from the facility. 

    We strongly recommend that parents escort their children into the facility to ensure that the desired activity is available. 

    Children between the ages of 13 and 17 years of age, who are not chaperoned, must be picked up 1 hour prior to the facility closing. 

    Due to classes or other facility activities, not all areas of the Community Center may be available at all times.

    Children between the ages of 9 and 12, who are not in an organized program, must be out of the building by 7 p.m. unless chaperoned by an adult.

    All pass holders will need to know their membership pass number, if not they could be asked to show ID.

    Please use trash receptacles and help keep our facility clean.

    All pass holders will be asked to update any pertinent information kept on file whenever necessary to have pictures updated every 3 years (children may need to update more often). 

    Children 8 years old and under will be admitted at no charge when accompanied by a paying adult, unless participating in a class or program.

    All children 9 years old and over are required to have a membership or pay daily entry fee.

    Youth 13 years old and up are permitted to use the fitness equipment after successful completion of an orientation. 

   We ask that you not wear strong perfumes or essential oils when exercising at the facility. 

Track Rules

    Children under the age of 9 are prohibited.

    Children between the ages of 9 and 12 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian while using track. 

    All walkers and joggers are to exercise clockwise on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday’s and Sunday’s. 

    All Walkers and joggers are to exercise counterclockwise on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturday’s. 

    Walkers must use the two inside lanes. Joggers must use the 1 outside lane.

•    Strollers are not permitted on the track.

Gymnasium Rules

    Only registered members and guests may check out equipment. Basketballs and pickle ball equipment can be signed out at the front desk. You will be asked to provide an item for staff to hold when checking out this equipment and will receive said item back when the equipment is returned.

    Only one full court basketball game is permitted. The other portion for the gym will remain open when there are no scheduled recreational activities.

    If a recreation activity is using half of the gym, the other half is for open play only. No full court games will be permitted during these times. Gym shoes must be worn. No street shoes are permitted. 

    No food or beverages are permitted in the gym. 

    Profanity of any kind is prohibited. 

    All personal belongings (gym bags jackets, shoes, etc.) should be placed in the lockers.

    No hanging on the rims or nets.

    Passes may be revoked from an individual for violation of any rules, regulations or laws. 

Fitness Center Rules

Children 12 and under are not allowed in the Fitness Center. 

Members who are 13-17 years old need to complete an orientation before using any equipment. 

    Do not use equipment unless you are knowledgeable about how to properly use it. There is a fitness supervisor on duty to assist you in learning how to use the equipment correctly.

    Observe fitness room etiquette and demonstrate courtesy toward others in the room at all times.

    Loud, offensive language is not permitted.

    Wear proper training attire, particularly shirts and athletic shoes, at all times.

    Show respect for equipment and facilities at all times. Do not drop or throw weights.

    Utilize spotters and locks when necessary (e.g., for overhead lifts, squats, bend presses, etc.) 

    Keep equipment off the floor and return it to its proper rack when lifting is completed. 

    The on-duty supervisor has the authority over all room conduct and use of equipment, including TV’s. 

    Immediately report any facility-related injury or facility/equipment irregularity to the supervisor on duty. 

    Tobacco, food, chewing gum, glass bottles, and cans are not allowed in the fitness room; plastic water bottles are acceptable. 

    Keep workout bags and purses in the lockers. 

    Use of towels is strongly recommended. 

    Please wipe down equipment after use.

Athens Community Center has set its rules, policies, and regulations in accordance with safety data and recommendations from equipment manufactures. 

Facility Renovation & Repair

Repairs, improvements, emergencies, etc. may be required that will close the center or a portion thereof. Fees will not be suspended or refunded during the time when certain facilities are not available. The Athens Community Center will make every effort to assure that all areas are in good working condition at all times. Should the total facility be unavailable by fire, act of nature, war, catastrophe, or accident, your membership will be extended for a period equal to the time of such unavailability. 

Lost and Found

Any items found will be kept for 2 weeks. After that time, they will be donated to a charitable organization. Valuable items will be kept and logged in at the front desk. 


It is recommended that all members bring their own personal towel for working out or for participating in activities that can cause perspiration. This is to insure the health and cleanliness for the center and its members. 

Tobacco & Alcohol

The Athens Community Center is a smoke free facility. All other tobacco products and the consumption must be off grounds. Alcohol is allowed with proper permits for events held in the multipurpose rooms. 

Food & Drink 

Food and drink are permitted in vending and lobby areas as well as other designated spaces. No food or drink is permitted in the gym.

Exercise Clothing

Appropriate apparel must be worn in accordance with the area of the facility being used. Shoes and shirts are required at all times. Non-marking soled shoes are required for all playing surfaces. 


Members can check out basketballs and pickleball equipment during appropriate open gym periods at the front desk by providing an item for staff to hold until the equipment has been returned.

Locker Rooms

There are men’s and women’s locker rooms adjacent to the gym. They have showers, restrooms, and lockers. Please make every effort to take short showers and leave the area clean as possible for the next member. The Athens Community Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Members/Guests must observe the lock policy at all times for the use of lockers. 


Lockers are for the use of members. All members are encouraged to keep valuables locked up at all times. Locks should not be left on for more than 24-hour period. Locks that are on for more than 24 hours will be removed by staff with bolt cutters. 

Code of Conduct 

The Athens Community Center strives to provide a first-class facility in which community members have the opportunity to participate in the highest quality of diversified fitness, recreation, social, and educational opportunities. Guest’s expectations will be met with responsive service in a welcoming, safe, and enjoyable atmosphere. To meet this goal, the Community Center has established the following code of conduct. It is the key to good conduct and proper consideration for other people. 

I. Rights, Responsibilities and Limitations: Due Process

The constitutional rights of individuals assure the protection of the due process under the law; therefore, this system of constitutionally and legally sound procedures is developed with regard to administration of misconduct policies at the Athens Community Center. Disciplinary authority shall be exercised with reasonableness and fairness. A zero-tolerance stance will be taken as it relates to criminal type behavior. 

II. Violation

Violations will subject the violator to the disciplinary process, which may include suspension or expulsion from the facility, financial restitution and contact or legal authority.

III. Disciplinary Actions

The Athens Community Center reserves the right to make discretionary adjustment to disciplinary action depending upon the circumstances. Whenever misconduct involves a minor, the parent/guardians will be notified.

    If the action is minor and provides no physical threat to them or others, the individual shall be advised of their inappropriate behavior or action and notified that if the behavior/action continues they will be asked to leave the facility.   

    If the behavior is severe, potentially life threatening, or repeated, the individual is subject to immediate and extended expulsion from the facility. 

    Anytime an individual is suspended or expelled from the facility, their annual/daily pass or program registration fee may be confiscated and they will not be entitled to a refund of any fees. 

IV. Refusal of Admission 

The Athens Community Center reserves the right to deny admission to anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance

V. Misconduct and Disciplinary Action

Verbal Abuse: 

    Minimum of immediate daily suspension from the facility


    Immediate daily suspension from the facility and contact of legal authority, if a minor

Failure to Follow Building or Specific Area Rules:

    Minimum of one-day suspension and in certain cases one year suspension from the facility. Legal actions can be taken to repair any damage done to the facility.

Discharge of Fire Extinguisher/False Fire Alarm

    1 Year suspension from facility, contact of legal authority, and financial restitution to recharge extinguisher and to repair any damage to the facility. 

Punching, Hitting, Fighting, Assault, & Battery:

    Minimum 1-year suspension from facility and contacted legal authority


    One-year suspension from facility, contact of legal authority, and financial restitution to repair damage to facility, equipment, or grounds

Possession, Sale or Distribution of a controlled substance:

    Contact of legal authority, legal action, permanent suspension from facility.

Unauthorized Entry: 

    Contact of legal authority, legal action, permanent suspension from facility.

Repeated offenses for misconduct or misbehavior results in permanent suspension from the Community Center.