Health Board City-County


The Health Board functions as a policy, governance, advisory and regulatory board and provides oversight of major financial and programmatic decisions.


The board consists of five members, two of which are appointed by the Mayor of Athens and confirmed by Athens City Council. Two members are appointed by the Health District Advisory Council and one member is appointed by the City of Nelsonville. Term length is five years.

Members Term Ending
Shaw, Heidi (City of Athens appointment)
December, 2024
Ortman, Carl T. (City of Athens appointment)
December, 2026
Frey, Rob (Health District Advisory Council appointment)
Wootton, Mike (Health District Advisory Council appointment)
VACANCY (City of Nelsonville appointment)


  • 1st Monday of every month
  • 5:00 PM
  • Health Department, 278 W. Union St.


The village of Athens had a board of health as early as 1879 to address local concerns about health and sanitation, and to promote the emerging scientific discipline of public health.

Through the Hughes-Griswold Act of 1919 the Ohio legislature mandated that all Ohio Counties form a general health district. The law specified the structure and responsibilities required of the general (county) health department as well as city departments (ORC 3709).

Through a 1938 contractual agreement between the Athens Health District Advisory Council (ORC 3709.03) and the City of Athens, the boards and departments merged. A later 1958 agreement between the City of Athens, City of Nelsonville and the district advisory council included provisions for the City of Athens to have appointment authority for two members of the Athens City-County Board of Health. The five member board of health also enjoys appointments by the advisory council (2 members) and the City of Nelsonville (1 member). Members are appointed to staggered five-year terms. City representatives are appointed by the Mayor via city council.