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Winter Mileage Challenge

Challenge Rules and Info:

·         The challenge will be a cumulative challenge where as a group those participating will try to reach 2023 miles by the end of January.

                    a.       Mileage must be human powered and non-motorized.

                    b.       Mileage must be intentional, which is beyond your daily movement related to everyday activities and tasks. Examples of intentional mileage – a bike ride, walk/run, hand cycling, roller blading, swimming, steps while playing a sport.

·         Anyone can participate and you can join the challenge at any time. Staff may participate but will not be eligible for prizes.

                   a.       If you join after December 1st, you can report any intentional mileage you have tracked beginning on December 1st. 

i.    Ex: You join December 15th – with your first mileage submission, you may include any intentional miles you accumulated beginning on December 1st, 2022.

·         Participants will self-report mileage either by writing it on the challenge board at the Athens Community Center or sending it in via google form (located on website: www.athens.apr.com) or email: athensparks&rec@ci.athens.oh.us

                   a.       Mileage must be reported by noon on each Friday of the challenge.

                                   i.      The last day mileage can be submitted in Wednesday February 1st, 2023. 

·         There will be 3 drawings throughout the challenge. Winners will receive a prize. To be eligible for the drawings, participant must have registered and submitted miles at least once by the time the drawing occurs:

                   a.       1st drawing @ 675 total miles

                   b.       2nd drawing @ 1350 total miles

                   c.       3rd drawing @ 2023 total miles OR at the closing of our challenge, whichever comes first.

·         Registration can occur at the challenge board or online on the google form or via email: athensparks&rec@ci.athens.oh.us. To register we will need your name, email address, and phone number.